Meet the team

Petra Schneidhofer

Petra studied portrett av Petrapre- and early history at the University of Vienna and Bradford and holds a MSc in geoarchaeology from the University of Reading. Her PhD investigated the importance of environmental information for the use of geophysical prospection in archaeology. Petra was previously employed by Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI ArchPro) und is currently working as researcher and scientific consultant at the department for cultural heritage management of Vestfold and Telemark Fylkeskommune (VTFK). Her research interests revolve around the implementation of non-invasive methods in cultural heritage management routines, in particular the influence of environmental factors on ground penetrating radar and magnetic surveys.

Petra is project leader and involved in all aspects of VEMOP. Besides project coordination, she is responsible for monitoring of environmental parameters, data integration and analyses and dissemination of results.


Christer Tonning

portrett av Christer

Christer Tonning holds a master degree in Nordic Archaeology from the University of Tromsø and is currently working on his PhD at the University of Vienna. Christer has worked many years as a GIS specialist for the University of Oslo. Since 2005, he is employed as an archaeologist at VTFK, where he focuses on the use of new methods in cultural heritage management. In this context he has been coordinating motorised georadar surveys in Vestfold since 2010 in the framework of the Vestfold Project by VTFK, the LBI ArchPro and the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU).

Within VEMOP, Christer contributes to all parts of the project with a special focus on georadar data acquisition and coordination of fieldwork.


Erich Nau

Portrett av Erich

Erich Nau earned his Master’s degree in pre- and early history in 2013 from the University of Vienna and since 2015 works as a researcher at NIKU. His main interests focus on the application of large scale archaeological-geophysical prospection, digital 3D-documentation techniques, and GIS applications in archaeology. He was previously employed by the LBI ArchPro, where he was involved with the development of geophysical prospection systems and led several international case studies which applied these new devices in the field. Additionally, Erich has extensive experience directing various archaeological excavations in Norway and Austria. 

Within VEMOP, Erich is responsible for the motorized georadar surveys and data processing with a special focus on the application of georadar on snow covered areas as well as the integration of open GIS weather and climate data.

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